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Botswana Hunting - Located in Southern Central Africa, bordered by Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, Botswana is a very popular hunting safari destination. Here you can pursue three of the Big 5 - lion and rhino are not available - while hunting from traditional East African-style tent camps. Elephant, Cape buffalo and leopard may be the main attraction, but the country also produces good numbers of trophy southern greater kudu.

Daily flights connect Botswana to most major cities in southern Africa, including Johannesburg, Windhoek, Harare and Nairobi. Because direct flights are only available from African nations, it's critical safari hunters use an experienced booking agent, like T. Jeffrey Safari Company, to arrange airline travel. They can also arrange for your stay a selection of Botswana safari lodges.

The arid Kalahari Desert comprises a large part of southwestern Botswana, while the Okavango Delta, an extremely wet and game-rich region, is found to the north. There are also areas of semi-arid bush and mopane forests throughout the country.

Most Botswana hunting is on leased government-controlled concessions. Some private game ranches can be found in the Kalahari Desert, where gemsbuck, eland and other species can be hunted. These ranches, along with a few government concessions, are the only opportunities to hunt the Kalahari region from the Botswana side of Namibia's border.

Botswana offers some of the finest safari hunting in Africa, although government regulations, license fees and reduced quotes have placed a premium price on hunting safaris. However, if you've always wanted to experience a once-in-a-lifetime traditional East African safari, Botswana is YOUR once-in-a-lifetime destination.

The Botswana hunting experience is the perfect combination of adventure and comfort. After hunting you can retire to our Botswana safari lodges. Complete with all the amenities to facilitate your leisure, our Botswana safari lodges offer a relaxing venue where you can dine, regale the day's adventure and prepare for tomorrow's new challenges. When you look back on your luxury Botswana safari, you'll be glad you chose the T. Jeffrey Safari Company.