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Incredible Limited-Time Opportunity!

African Hunting Safari

We have a great opportunity at an even better value than usual. Due to the excellent rains in Namibia this year our outfitter in the Kalahari Desert is absolutely teeming with game, and they need hunters for their management hunts to help reduce the herds of gemsbuck, and springbuck.

They asked me to take our normal "management hunt" and throw in an extra 6 animals!

This package is a total of 22 animals:
6 Kalahari gemsbuck
14 Kalahari springbuck
2 steenbuck

Spend 5 days at their first class lodge in the Kalahari for only $5050.00 for a 1x1 or 2 hunters may split the 22 animals and hunt 11 animals each 2x1 for $2525 per hunter!

This is not only an excellent value it is a great opportunity to take some great trophies, because even at those prices they will let you take 2 trophy quality animals of each species.

This outfitter has 2 Kalahari Gemsbuck in the SCI top 10! They also routinely take SCI Gold Medal Kalahari springbuck.

Click here to see the full description of this hunt & remember that the total number of animals is upped to 22 for a limited time only!

Please note that only the trophy animals may be exported.

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