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Namibia Hunting Safaris - Located in Western Africa on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Namibia's diverse selection of game animals includes elephant, lion, Cape buffalo, leopard, rhino and the diminutive steenbuck. For years it was a well-kept secret among European hunters, but today North American hunters have discovered the nation is not only rich in game, it's easily accessible.

International flights arrive daily in Windhoek, the nation's capital, and all that's necessary to import your firearms is completion of a one-page form and a simple inspection of serial numbers and ammunition upon arrival. Namibia has positioned itself to become one of Africa's premier safari hunting destinations by addressing a growing concern - difficult and confusing firearms-permit procedures.

Similar to the American Southwest, most of Namibia is semi-arid to arid. But to the north, where there are a number of government-controlled concessions, you find swampland, forest and, more importantly, a shot at the coveted "Big 5." Leopard are common throughout the country, but only in the north do you find elephant, lion, Cape buffalo and rhino. Expect a traditional safari in this area, and there are other species available.

Private hunting ranches or farms - most of them unfenced to provide a true fair chase experience - offer a great diversity of species on vast tracts of land. Those few fenced hunting farms are huge, thus ensuring a fair chase experience.

The world's largest gemsbuck (oryx), springbuck and steenbuck were taken in Namibia, and the nation offers first-rate red hartebeest. Safari Club International's record books are filled with entries from the country, and when you add trophy-quality greater kudu and zebra in the rolling brush-covered hills of the Khomas Hochland, with record book gemsbuck in the Kalahari Desert to the south, it's little wonder safari hunting's best-kept secret is finally out.

Namibia's infrastructure is every bit as organized as you would expect from a country with German roots. Hunting regulations are specific and well enforced. The professional hunters in Namibia are extremely well trained and are required to pass a rigid series of examinations prior to conducting safaris. In addition, the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) maintains a high standard of ethics for Namibia's Professional Hunters to ensure visiting hunters are treated properly and experience a quality hunt. The weather during hunting season is excellent and most of the nation is malaria free.

The T. Jeffrey Safari Company has numerous exclusive arrangements with outfitters in Namibia. Most Namibia hunting is for plains game animals and we have negotiated the prices that will provide an incredible value for your money. Work is underway on garnering access to Namibia's outstanding concession areas. With the current exchange rate, safari hunting in Namibia is extremely affordable, with hunters purchasing complete 10-day hunting safaris for under $7,000, US.