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The NRA "Round-Up" Program

African Hunting Safari

As avid hunters we all know that we are responsible for the future of hunting in America. There is no other group more aware of this fact than America's hunters. Our license fees, and the excise taxes we pay on sporting equipment pay for a lot of the hunting and conservation programs we enjoy. However, it is not enough, private organizations must also be there to ensure your continued right to hunt, as well as that of your children, and grandchildren. The National Rifle Association is the leader in protecting that right in America, and we as hunters must support their efforts

The T. Jeffrey Safari Company LLC is an avid supporter of the National Rifle Association and it's programs. We are particularly interested in what the NRA does for hunting and wildlife conservation efforts nationwide. On a regular basis the NRA teaches our young people about hunting, supports hunter safety efforts, trains instructors, provides "Women on Target" hunting opportunities to women who might not otherwise be exposed to hunting. All of these efforts have saved our cherished sport from extinction.

To that end The T. Jeffrey Safari Company LLC has agreed to become the first outfitter (hunting agency) member of the NRA's "Round Up" Program which "Rounds Up" money to support these programs which are absolutely critical to the future of hunting. We are asking you our client's to help us help the NRA.

When you book a safari with The T. Jeffrey Safari Company we are going to ask you if you would be willing to "Round Up" some money for the NRA.

For example if you purchase one of our package hunts for $5950.00 you might consider "Rounding Up" to $6,000 the full extra $50 will go to the NRA's Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Endowment Fund.

Your contribution will go directly toward the future of hunting in America. So, when we ask you to "Round Up for the NRA" please say YES!

NRA Foundation