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Letter from NRA President

African Hunting Safari

December 17, 2005

Mr. Todd J. Rathner
The T. Jeffrey Safari Company LLC
1870 West Price Road, #11
Tucson, Arizona 85705

Dear Todd,

I am writing to congratulate you on the grand opening of
The T. Jeffrey Safari Company. After more than a decade of working closely with you to protect the rights of gun owners and hunters I am confident that your new company will be a great success.

I know that you will insist on the same standard of professionalism and integrity in your outfitters that you have always demonstrated in the protection of sportsmen and gun owners. You have always said what you meant, meant what you said and kept your word in all circumstances. I also know that just as you have always been an advocate for the nation's hunters, you will advocate on behalf of your clients to assure that they have the best hunting experience possible.

Your 30 years as a hunter and almost eight years of service on the NRA board of directors, most recently as chairman of NRA's Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Committee, gives you a unique understanding of hunters' needs. I know you will use this understanding, along with your strong interpersonal and business skills, to greatly benefit your clients. Everyone who deals with The T. Jeffrey Safari Company LLC will be treated fairly and honestly.

I am proud to call you my friend and thrilled that you have embarked upon this exciting venture. I wish you great success and am looking forward to seeing you in Africa in 2006.

All the best,

Sandra S. Froman