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Why should I purchase trip cancellation insurance and medical evacuation insurance for my hunt or safari?

Trip Cancellation Insurance:

At The T. Jeffrey Safari Company we feel very strongly that you should purchase trip cancellation insurance. Our business model, which allows us to sell at a very deep discount, does not allow for the refund of your deposit, should you be forced to cancel your trip. When you give us a deposit for your safari a number of things generally occur. We immediately make reservations with the outfitter to lock in your slot, then we begin processing your flight arrangements, licenses, firearms paperwork, and any other documentation you will need for your trip. We also must forward the outfitter's part of the deposit to them. This is a lot of work, time and effort. Furthermore, once we send the deposit to the outfitter we incur wiring and bank charges. In the event of a trip cancellation it is very difficult to undo all that has been done in terms of the labor to prepare for your safari.

The T. Jeffrey Safari Company and the outfitter may have also denied your booked slot to another potential hunter. So you see it is very difficult to refund a hunter's deposit. Imagine booking the safari of a lifetime only to break your leg a week before you depart. You can't go, we can't rebook your spot, and you have paid for the entire trip if it's a package. If it's a traditional safari you have paid a significant deposit. Now you are out that money, and unfortunately we probably can't help you. The Trip cancellation insurance we carry is the Sportsman's Travel Insurance Plan which covers you in the event that you are forced to cancel your safari. It also covers other important things such as lost or damaged luggage, airline strikes, weather delays, lost hunting days etc (please click here for the details of the policy). If you cancel for any covered reason the entire non-refundable portion of your trip will be reimbursed to you from the company. The cost of the policy is a very small price to pay for the peace of mind you will enjoy by having it. The Sportsman's Travel Insurance Plan also includes medical evacuation insurance for the duration of your trip.

Medical Evacuation Insurance:

In 2005 a good friend of mine was on a safari in the African country of Cameroon when he and his PH fell out of a machan (a blind of sorts in a tree) and broke numerous vertebrae. He and the PH lay there all night until finally someone arrived to get them back to camp. After numerous attempts to get flown out of Cameroon by a commercial carrier my friend was forced to call in a special medical evacuation air service to fly him back to the US. The cost of the medical evacuation to the US was over $120,000! But never mind the cost the fact is, if he had not thought to call in medical evacuation professionals he could have died, or become paralyzed for life. My friend did not have medical evacuation insurance. He had to pay that $120,000 out of pocket. Some medical evacuation companies are actual insurance companies, others are like the auto club who provide the service to their members. Some companies will only pay for the flight home AFTER you are stabilized in a hospital, others will pay for all evacuation expenses including the helicopter, plane, or ambulance that gets you to the local hospital before your trip home. The MedEvac insurance plan offered by Travel Guard covers it all, including medical insurance for treatment up to $25,000 (you may increase it to $50,000 for a small fee) You may buy the medical evacuation insurance separately or buy the complete Sportsman's Travel Insurance Plan which includes medical evacuation insurance for your trip. For pricing and policy details please click here.

Which policy should I choose?

The T. Jeffrey Safari Company, LLC recommends that you use Sportsman's Travel Insurance because after extensive research and comparison between plans we feel this is the best available, and their policies are the most thorough that we have seen. When you buy the Sportsman's Travel Insurance policy for your safari you are covered for trip cancellation and medical evacuation for the duration of your trip. If you would like a MedEvac annual plan that will cover all of your travel away from home, please click here. This medical evacuation insurance plan includes evacuation from the point of your injury, to your home hospital or hospital of your choice. It also includes $25,000 of medical insurance, not a cash advance but actual insurance. This feature can be upgraded very inexpensively to $50,000 of insurance. It also includes a comprehensive trip cancellation plan which covers:

  • License fee refund
  • Sportsman's equipment loss
  • Sportsman's equipment delay
  • Access to up-to-the-minute weather, fishing and hunting reports
Please see a complete Description of Coverage by clicking here. Comprehensive non-insurance travel insurance services are included such as BagTrak, airport transportation, hotel finder and reservations, cash transfers and more!

In addition, every Sportsman's Travel Insurance Plan customer also has access to Sportsman's Hotline. Hotline services include:

  • Local hunting regulations and locations of game registration stations
  • Up-to-the-minute weather, fishing and hunting reports
  • Roadside Assistance: up to $100 per occurrence for towing assistance, delivery of oil, fluid or water; fuel delivery, lock-out assistance, and jump-starts for dead batteries.

Purchase your Sportsman's Travel Insurance Plan within 15 days of your initial trip deposit and you will receive:

  • Coverage for bankruptcy of an airline, cruise line or tour operator
  • A waiver of any pre-existing medical conditions that could eventually cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip

The T. Jeffrey Safari Company, LLC is an authorized agent of the Travel Guard Sportsman's Insurance Plan and the Travel Guard MedEvac Insurance Plan. For a policy quote click here. If you have any questions about trip cancellation insurance, medical evacuation insurance, or the Sportsman's Travel Insurance Plan please give us a call toll free at 866-470-0470.

Thank you and good hunting!
Todd J. Rathner