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Tanzania Hunting Located just South of Kenya, Tanzania is the birthplace of modern safari hunting. Originally know as German East Africa, then the British colony of Tanganyika, modern-day Tanzania is an extremely popular destination and home to true East Africa-style hunting for today's sportsman.

International flights into Tanzania's Dar-es-Salaam, and regular flights to Arusha make Tanzania easily accessible - both "Dar" and Arusha are ideal jumping off points for big game trophy hunting safaris in Tanzania. Once arriving in one of these cities you will then take a charter to your hunting area.

The country's climate and terrain are every bit as varied as its game populations. The differences from one part of the country to the other are vast. In the North central part of the country is the Masailand which consists of rolling grassland with bush country interspersed. The sandy red soil of the Western part of the country's Rungwa region, which features thorn bush that is home to sable, East African roan and topi antelope. The Selous Reserve (the largest game reserve in the world) is home to fantastic Cape buffalo hunting as well as leopard , lion, and a variety of other species. Elephant hunting in the Selous is good, however, elephants taken there tend to be a slightly smaller than their counterparts in other parts of Tanzania.

Almost 70% of Tanzania is still as wild as it was 100 years ago which lends itself to a true East African bush country safari. When you are hunting in Tanzania for the most part you are still hunting Africa the way Roosevelt, Hemmingway, and Ruark did.

This "wildness" and the lack of government infrastructure in concession areas, means safari companies must pack everything in, and when you add in the cost of a charter flight to camp, safari hunting in Tanzania can be a bit pricey. At The T. Jeffrey Safari Company LLC we work very hard to make these Tanzania safaris as affordable as possible.