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Zimbabwe Hunting - After the Rhodesian War, at a time when the country's farmers and ranchers had decimated wildlife herds in favor of livestock, Zimbabwe was born. When the country gave control and ownership of the game on their properties to landowners - coupled with Kenya's decision to close its doors to hunting three years before - Zimbabwe quickly became a world-class hunting destination.

While landowners discovered the value in sustainable game populations, the government enacted strict hunting regulations and insisted Zimbabwe's professional hunters maintain the highest of standards. The atmosphere created was very positive for safari hunters from America and Europe, elevating Zimbabwe to one of Africa's top hunting destinations. Unfortunately this has changed.

Elephant, lion, leopard and Cape buffalo are plentiful in Zimbabwe, as well as a number of plains game species. However, all these species have suffered with the country's recent economic collapse. People who cannot feed their families have begun to rely upon game species for meat, and poaching and wholesale slaughter of game populations are rampant.

Zimbabwe was once a destination of choice for affordable safari hunts, with an extremely diverse bag available. Under the current circumstances we are very reluctant to recommend safari hunting there. The government is in a shambles, the economy is collapsing and the people are so poorly treated that it would be irresponsible for us to book safaris there. It is our sincere hope that the government will undergo a dramatic change, allowing Zimbabwe to resume its stature as the great safari hunting nation it once was, and still could be.